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External Link> Olivier Croce - Research Engineer – CNRS

Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging of Nice (IRCAN)
INSERM U1081 - CNRS UMR 7284 - UNS
Faculty of Medicine - Pasteur tower - 5th floor
28, av. Valombrose
06107 Nice Cedex 2, France

Phone : +33(0)4 93 37 70 00
E-mail: |

I am located at Nice at “IRCAN” for “Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging of Nice”. I am the head of the bioinformatics service of the institute. The main part of the service activity is to interpret and analyze the data coming from IRCAN's teams experiments such as NGS data generated by our high throughput sequencers. More generally, we perform in silico biology to find hidden relevant biological information in the flow binary digits !

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